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Don’t miss our gourmet cider, with specially selected apples.


GORENAK is a quality seal certified by Hazi and the Fraisoro Agro-environmental Laboratory (the only ENAC accredited laboratory). In Basque, GORENAK means Select Ciders. For this, a series of analytics and sensory tastings take place.

What does the fact that Saizar produces natural cider with the Gorenak seal mean for you?

It means you have the confidence in knowing that firm commitments have been adopted in favour of looking after the raw material, the apple. In this case, this product is made using our own apples, specially selecting them in the preparation process.

It also means measures have been taken to harvest the apples at the optimum time and also in each of the production processes: ripeness of the apple, sugars in the must, alcohol strength, control of acidity, etc.

But, above all, the Gorenak seal means you are going to enjoy one of the most complex and best-structured natural ciders on the market.


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