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Still haven’t tried this great invention from the Basque Country? Don’t wait any longer.

Made traditionally via discontinuous distillation in a copper still, using sagardoa or Basque cider, Sagardoz will captivate you with its intense acidic apple aroma, hints of vanilla and American oak.

It is a cider spirit with an alcohol content of 40%. We leave it to rest in oak barrels until it acquires its characteristic colour and fruity bouquet.

Although it is sweet on the palate, our Sagardoz has an acidic and fresh touch and a lingering finish. It is a light chestnut colour with shades of old gold.

The optimum temperature for drinking this product is 18-22 °C since this will boost its aromas and flavours.

In Belmont, the cradle of the town of Usurbil in the heart of the Basque Country, the Saizar family maintains the tradition in the production of this cider.

Enjoy this extremely precious cider!